Saint Heraclius Day, October 22. Names for boys

Saint Heraclius Day, October 22. Names for boys

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Heraclius is a name for a boy of Greek origin whose meaning is in relation to the Greek hero Heracles and, therefore, speaks of "glory".

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Heraclio may be the perfect name for your son for his originality and that distinguished touch that he brings. He celebrates his name day on October 22, which is the day of Saint Heraclius.

Because of the meaning of his name, Heraclio has a charismatic personality full of creativity and wit. His triumph in social relationships is due to his cheerful and dynamic character, so he is never short of friends to trust. In addition, Heraclio has a restless and curious nature that make him a successful entrepreneur.

The name Heraclius is known around the world with hardly any variations thanks to the Greek tradition. It is one of those names that lately are gaining popularity due to that tendency to revitalize forceful names, with a meaning that brings character and linked to mythology.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to know the relationship between the name Heraclius and the greatest of the Greek goddesses, Hera, wife of Zeus and matriarch par excellence. And it is that that Greek hero named Heracles or, in its Latin form, Hercules, means "glory of Hera", in the sense that the hero's deeds would increase the fame of the goddess.

But we also meet other illustrious figures named Heraclio, such as Heraclio Fournier, the founder of the most famous house of cards from Vitoria, whose history we can learn about at the Vitoria Playing Card Museum. We can also mention his grandson, Heraclio Alfaro, who was a pioneer in aviation.

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