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21 names for boys inspired by the most popular and beloved saints

21 names for boys inspired by the most popular and beloved saints

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The clothes for the first time, the diapers, the bag to take you to the hospital ... There are many preparations that must be made when you are going to have a baby. However, among all of them, the most exciting moment (but also one of the most complicated) is when you decide what to call your son or daughter.

In we have put together a short list with some ideas for names for boys and names for girls that are inspired by the most popular and beloved saints of all the world. We propose nicknames from the Christian tradition and we will tell you what is its origin and its meaning. Our naming guide will be very helpful!

Unable to agree, many parents decide to choose a compound name for their baby. Why choose only one ... when you can put two! Here are some ideas for calling your baby.

1. Francisco
If you are looking for a popular name that has a lot of tradition, you should consider Francisco as one of the options. It is a nickname widely used in all corners of the world and, in fact, it has been translated into many languages ​​(Francis, Francesco, Franz ...), but in all languages ​​it refers to 'French'. It honors one of the most revered saints in the Catholic Church, Saint Francis of Assisi, who founded the Franciscan order, though we can't stop thinking about Pope Francis either. The saints are celebrated on October 4.

2. Elena
Saint Helena's day is August 18, although to find the origin of this name we have to go back to Greek times. Elena, who writes like Helena, comes from elaion, which means 'resplendent', a very apt name for that little girl who will come into your life as if she were a ray of sunshine, a ray of joy. You should also know that Santa Elena was the mother of Emperor Constantine and that she had a lot to do with the emperor's conversion to Catholicism.

3. Paul
Among the most popular saints in the Catholic Church is Saint Paul, who has given rise to one of the most common names of the moment among babies: Paul. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'the little one' or 'humble'. This name has been in use for many centuries and yet it seems that in recent years its use has become even more popular. Paul, Paolo, Pavel, Pau ... What are you going to call your boy? Remember: on June 29 you will have to give your Pablo a big hug, as he will be his saint.

4. Jorge
Jorge is a name with a very special sound, right? You can put it on your child in honor of Saint George, the holy martyr who managed to kill the dragon. His name day is celebrated on April 23, which coincides with Book Day. A sign that all Jorges will love to read? Put it on your child and see for yourself! The origin of this nickname is Greek, and it means 'he who works the land'. Also, you should keep in mind that Jorge is one of those names that, no matter how long time goes by, still sounds pretty and appropriate for a newborn baby.

5. Clara
Clara is a name with a delicate sound that, however, transmits a lot of strength and power. It is a Latin name and comes from clarus, which could be translated as 'clean' or 'illustrious'. It reminds us of such important figures as Clara Campoamor, but also Santa Clara de Asís, founder of the order of Poor Ladies or Poor Clares, in her honor. Did you know that Santa Clara is considered the patron saint of television? Don't forget, his holiday arrives on August 12.

6. Antonio
Antonio is a nice name of Latin origin that comes from Antonius, who was one of the most popular families in Ancient Rome. It is a name very widespread in all corners of the world, which has been translated, among others, as Anthony or Antoine. Among all the Saint Antonios that can be found in any saint, we want to highlight the figure of Saint Anthony of Padua, patron of cities such as Lisbon or Padua ... but he is also the patron of lovers! In fact, you may have heard of the habit of turning him upside down to attract love.

7. Simon
Simon is a name with a long Christian tradition that names various characters in the life of Jesus. You should know that Simon was the name of Saint Peter, with a leading role in the Catholic Church for being the first Pope. This 5-letter name has Hebrew origin and comes from sim, which refers to the action of hearing. Hence, the experts have explained what 'God has heard' means. As for the saints of this name, there are several days that its festival is celebrated. We are left, for example, with October 28, the day of San Simón and San Judas Tadeo.

8. Gem
Santa Gema Galgani is venerated in many countries, although in Chile and Nicaragua there is a special devotion to her. Would you like to put Gema on your baby? You should know that it is a Latin name for gemstones. Due to its meaning, this nickname conveys great beauty and bearing and, no matter how much time passes, it continues to sound current. On the other hand, when speaking of this name we cannot forget Gema Aligheri, wife of the poet Dante.

9. Lucia
Saint Lucia is a holy martyr who has become the patroness of the blind and sick children. And it is that this saint had her eyes gouged out when she defended her faith for Jesus. The day in his honor is December 13, a very celebrated holiday in countries like Sweden where girls dress as Saint Lucia while carrying candles. On the other hand, mention that Lucia has become one of the favorite names of current parents, who choose this nickname for its sound and its meaning (light).

10. Benito
Benito is one of those names that sounds like tradition, without this implying that it has become outdated, as has happened with Benedict, where Benito comes from. It is a name of Latin origin that means 'the one who receives a good name'. Do you know when is Saint Benedict's Day? The 11 of July! If you decide to give your child this name, this day will become one of the most special of the year. On the other hand, we tell you that in Mexico it is very common to wear a small medal of Saint Benedict, since it provides protection to the one who wears it.

11. Paschal
If you are looking for a popular name that transmits a lot of elegance, we suggest Pascual. It refers to San Pascual Bailón, who is the patron saint of cooks in Mexico, so it is likely that your son Pascual will come out a bit gluttonous ... It is a name of Latin origin that comes from paschalis, which refers to Easter. His saints are on May 17. This name also has its version in other languages: Pasxalis (Greek), Pascal (French), Pascale (Italian) ... So they can call your little one by his name wherever he goes!

12. Cecilia
Cecilia is a very nice name for a girl, right? Put it on your daughter and celebrate her saint on November 22 in honor of Santa Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians. This saint was a martyr who lived in the third century, coming from a high house, she converted to Christianity to follow her faith. On the other hand, you should know that Cecilia is a name of Etruscan origin that means 'little blind woman'.

13. Martin
Among the most fashionable names in recent years, we must highlight Martín, a nickname of Latin origin that is related to Mars. We propose this name in honor of San Martín de Porres, who was a Peruvian friar popularly known as the saint of the broom (and that is how he is usually represented). The day of his saints is November 3. There are many personalities throughout history that have made this name so popular: Martin Luther King, Martin Luther, Martin Berasategui ... An ideal name to call a newborn baby!

14. Rita
Santa Rita de Cascia was a nun from the 15th century who has earned the nickname of 'the patron saint of the impossible'. And it is believed that when you ask this saint for something, no matter how complicated it may be, she makes it come true. It may sound like 'Santa Rita, Rita; what is given, is not taken away '. In certain cases, Rita comes from Margarita, which means 'pearl'. Santa Rita's Day is celebrated on May 22, a beautiful day in which the figure of this beloved saint is venerated.

15. Jose
In this list of names for boys inspired by saints venerated throughout the world, Saint Joseph could not be missing. It is a very popular name that is still used today, especially to form compound names (José Manuel, José Antonio, María José ...). Saint Joseph's Day is March 19 and in many countries it is used to celebrate Father's Day, as this saint is the putative father of Jesus. José is a name of Hebrew origin that means 'abundance'. A great option to put your little baby.

16. Marta
On July 29, the day of Santa Marta is celebrated in honor of Santa Marta de Betania, the area from which it came. Martha appears in the Bible as the sister of Lazarus and Mary and also as the woman who hosted Jesus on several occasions. That is why in many parts of the world she is known as the patron saint of cooks. Marta is a name with a special sonority, which has Aramaic origin and means 'lady'.

17. Teresa
Teresa is a name that unites several generations of women: it was used decades ago and is still a common name today. We must pay attention to its Greek origin and its meaning: 'the huntress'. But above all, we must remember the figure of Saint Teresa of Jesus, whose saints are celebrated on October 15. This saint stood out for her exemplary life, but also for her writings, the best of Christian mystical literature together with Saint John of the Cross.

18. Nicolas
You are right! St nicolas! Children's favorite saint! Saint Nicholas of Bari, a 4th century bishop, who has become famous for being Santa Claus. The name of Nicolás has Greek origin, and means 'victor' or 'conqueror', since it comes from Nikolatos. Saint Nicholas Day is usually celebrated on December 6, and on this day all Nick, Nicholas and Nicholas are a little bit happier. Don't forget to congratulate them as they deserve!

19. Blas
If you are looking for a strong name with great force, what do you think of Blas? There are certain doubts about the origin of this name, although it is believed to be Latin and that it comes from blaesus, which means 'stutterer'. However, there is also the theory that it is a Greek name that means 'germinate' or 'sprout'. You may know San Blas, who was a 4th century bishop who decided to become a hermit and live in communion with nature. Its saints are usually celebrated on February 3.

20. John
There are several saints who have taken the name of San Juan, hence there are several dates to celebrate his saints: December 14, June 23, etc. On this occasion we highlight Saint John of the Cross, a poet and mystic venerated in various regions of the world. Joan, Jean, John ... There are many ways to say this name, which has a Hebrew origin. It means 'the one who is compassionate'.

21. Roque
San Roque is the patron saint of many Spanish cities and it is considered a protector against epidemics. He was a pilgrim who wandered through France and Italy curing all plague patients that he encountered on his way. Its saints are celebrated on August 16. Roque is an original name with a lot of tradition that, having not been used too much, still has a fresh touch. It comes from German and means 'battle cry'. You will get a warrior child!

After reviewing this list of names for boys, you should remember other important considerations when choosing how to call your baby. For example, we recommend that you take into account how the name you have chosen sounds with the surname that the child is going to have. Sometimes, somewhat humiliating combinations can occur ...

You should also keep in mind that, no matter how original you want to be when choosing your child's name, you should never stay with an extremely strange name, which will embarrass and make the child feel bad when he grows up a little. In fact, there are many parents who end up regretting having chosen a too strange or too boring name for their children. Hence, it is necessary meditate well on this decision.

Still haven't found the ideal name for your child? Do not worry! Our name guide has many ideas to suggest you.

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